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If you are looking for the Clarinet Cosmos network site, it no longer exists. If you are looking for the educational tools that existed on the previous site, please visit Clarinet Space and See the links below for more information.

Educational Links

Clarinet fingering charts - the easiest to use clarinet fingering charts available. They feature large images of the clarinet and they are color coded so you can see exactly where to place your fingers.

Clarinet scales and technical exercises - over 20 different scale, arpeggio, and exercise pages at

Free online metronomes - features eleven different metronomes that speak the beat, subdivide, and click in different meters.

More educational tools for the clarinet - features more scales, pitch name games, practice suggestions, and reasons why your clarinet might squeak.

Learn the fundamentals of rhythm - teaches every fundamental aspect of rhythm, starting with basics like the beat, tempo, and meter, and moving on to almost every note value and time signature possible.

SkyLeap Music - the publications of Kyle Coughlin, including beginning books for clarinet and saxophone, as well as Christmas music for woodwinds and an introduction to jazz.

Free blank staff paper - offers many options of staff paper with different staff sizes and number of staves per page. The site also includes helpful instructions on how to write music neatly and accurately.

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